Change purchase decisions in Toy sector with accessible sustainability claims

Susledger enables Toy Sector to build consumer brand loyalty at scale – with positive social and environmental claims.

Leading Toy Brands build consumer trust with susledger

Proof & Verified

Campina is building customer trust with honest impact claims

Anchor is engaging customers with their sustainability initiatives in a credible off-pack experience.

Proof & Verified

Princes Group is turning tuna sourcing data into brand value

A Susledger-powered transparency experience is helping to establish Princes Group as a purpose-driven brand.

Proof & Verified

Marleybones is premiumising its brand with proof-backed sustainability claims

Marleybones is engaging conscious shoppers with a digital experience showing the full journey and impact of its ingredients.

Marketing and sustainability leads use Susledger software to:

Save time and scale efficiently

Turn complex data into clear messaging

Build trust with proof-backed communications

Uncover transparency opportunities

Reach consumers with sustainability claims when it matters most